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The world’s first tobacco-and-hemp cigarette

Eastern Switzerland is the home of the world’s first tobacco-and-hemp cigarette. At our small factory on Lake Constance, we blend pure Swiss tobacco with natural CBD hemp. And yes, it’s legal.

Curious about hemp

Tobacco is smoked more than any other plant – but why? There are so many different plants and herbs that can be smoked. It was this question that inspired us to start looking into natural alternatives to tobacco for our cigarettes. Hemp – a plant that has been cultivated and, presumably, smoked in Switzerland for millennia – quickly emerged as the best candidate.

The big experiment at the Heimat factory

We spent a long time perfecting our new cigarettes and finding the ideal ratio between the hemp and the Swiss Virginia and Burley tobaccos. Our hard work really paid off: the 100% natural mixture of hemp and tobacco is deliciously mild and has a wonderful blend of sweet and savoury flavours when smoked. It also gives off the unmistakable scent of cannabis and is completely free of additives – except for drinking water from Lake Constance.

Manufacturing the cigarettes presented us with a series of challenges. Tobacco and hemp are easily mixed by hand, but creating a blend using a machine proved to be quite tricky. Due to the different textures of the plants, our factory team had to develop special techniques to create a balanced and consistent blend. We are lucky to have some gifted people working at our small factory who always find a way to coax the best out of our ageing machinery.

CBD cannabis
CBD cannabis

About THC and CBD

Many people consider hemp to be a drug. The high created by some kinds of hemp (commonly referred to as cannabis) is caused by the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) they contain. Hemp with a THC content of less than 1% has no psychotropic effect (i.e. it does not cause a high) and is legal to purchase and consume in Switzerland. While the hemp in our Heimat cigarettes has a THC content of well below 1%, it contains a high amount of cannabidiol (CBD), which is said to have a range of health benefits.

Roger Koch with his CBD cannabis cigarettes
Roger Koch with his CBD cannabis cigarettes

Is it really legal?

Heimat Tobacco & Hemp cigarettes can be smoked wherever smoking is allowed in Switzerland. They shouldn’t be taken abroad, however, as legislation on permissible THC limits is different in other countries, and our cigarettes may be illegal there. To fully appreciate our Heimat products, we recommend that you sit back, relax and enjoy them in moderation.

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