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World Cup kits for your cigarettes

With the World Cup just around the corner, Heimat decided to create something that football fans will love.

The World Cup really brings people together – celebrating in front of the big screen with good friends, enjoying a beer and a cigarette. Everyone loves those warm summer nights, when the line between absolute euphoria and bitter disappointment is as thin as a cigarette paper. We have created the ultimate accessory for those who will be smoking their way through this emotional roller coaster to show their support: 32 colourful kits for their cigarette packs.

WM Zigarettenhüllen
WM Zigarettenhüllen
WM Zigarettenhüllen

The individual sleeves, printed with the flags of the 32 World Cup teams, will be handed out for free by the Heimat promotions team at festivals, kiosks or public World Cup screenings in Switzerland. The complete set can also be purchased in our online shop. It has never been easier to fly your country’s colours – the Heimat sleeves transform your cigarette packs with the colours of your favourite World Cup teams.

They fit on all standard cigarette packs – but obviously they work best with Heimat cigarettes. Whatever you smoke, they will definitely improve the look of your pack.

Beautiful design by Hej.

I like Heimat!