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Pure Heimat. 100% hemp. No tobacco. No nicotine.

The first pure hemp pre-roll is here – a purely natural Swiss product, with no tobacco and no nicotine.

On a (pre-)roll

Heimat, the manufacturer from Eastern Switzerland, has launched yet another innovation: Europe’s first pure CBD pre-roll. One pack includes 20 pre-rolls with a total of around 12 grams of natural Swiss CBD hemp and nothing else. These pre-rolls look like cigarettes but contain no tobacco and no nicotine. They are therefore an ideal alternative for anyone who wants to quit tobacco but not smoking.

Heimat Hanf Pur
Pure nature. 100% Swiss hemp. Nothing else.
Heimat Hanf Pur
Pure Swiss CBD hemp. No tobacco. No nicotine.

World’s smallest carbon footprint

Heimat pre-rolls have a smaller ecological footprint than any other smoking product in the world. The hemp is grown in Switzerland, and the pre-rolls are produced in the independent Heimat factory in Steinach on Lake Constance. No artificial additives are used. In order to protect the environment, Heimat prefers unbleached recycled paper for its pre-rolls and filters made only from cellulose tissue rather than acetate, which biodegrades very slowly.

Heimat Hanf Pur
Ecological filters made only from cellulose tissue rather than acetate
Heimat Hanf Pur
The nicotine-free alternative
Heimat Hanfblüten
High quality CBD hemp buds

CBD, not THC

The CBD hemp used in the pre-rolls is grown in Switzerland and is of a very high quality. Heimat’s hemp pre-rolls have a very high CBD content, while the THC content is well below 1%. The flavour of Heimat Pure Hemp is sweetly aromatic with a delicate hint of citrus.

Under Swiss legislation, Heimat pre-rolls are an entirely legal product. The high created by some kinds of hemp (commonly referred to as cannabis) is caused by the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) they contain. If the THC content of the plant is below 1%, the hemp has no psychotropic effect and is legal to purchase and consume in Switzerland. The hemp in Heimat pre-rolls has a low THC content of well below 1%, but contains a high amount of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a substance that is said to have a range of health benefits.

100% hemp
Heimat Pre-Rolls Pure Hemp

Pure Heimat. 100% hemp. No tobacco. No nicotine.

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