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Home is everywhere – and so are Heimat cigarettes

Our distribution network is growing. From March, it will be possible to buy Heimat hemp cigarettes (almost) everywhere in Switzerland.

Do you remember the supply shortages? Thanks to the purchase of new production machines, these shortages luckily are a thing of the past. The new situation and the continuing popularity of hemp cigarettes have enabled us to enter into discussions with additional distribution partners. Following intensive negotiations, Heimat Tobacco&Hemp will be available across Switzerland via all relevant sales channels from March 2018.

In addition to Coop, which was the first major distributor to add Heimat Tobacco&Hemp to its range, our hemp cigarettes will also be available across Switzerland from the following distribution partners from March 2018:

. Coop Pronto
. Denner
. Valora (k kiosk, avec, Press & Books)
. Spar
. BP
. Migrolino
. Naville

We paid a visit to some of the new points of sale. Roll the film(s)!

I like Heimat!