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A helicopter trip to Switzerland’s most spectacular hemp field

We set the highest standards for our products – and visited hemp grower Cesare in the sun-bathed town of Biasca in the beautiful canton of Ticino.

Most of us have a bucket list lying around somewhere – a list of all those things we want to do in our lives before we die. We are lucky enough to have already crossed one off our list: launching the world’s first hemp cigarette. It’s something we’re rather proud of, if we’re honest. But there’s another thing that is pretty high up a lot of people’s lists: going on a helicopter flight.

And we can cross that off our list too! We flew to Switzerland’s most spectacular hemp field, where hemp grower Cesare, his family and hard-working helpers spend months living the simple life on an isolated mountainside in Biasca in the canton of Ticino, growing hemp by hand with a great deal of love and care that you can really taste.

Heimat Tobacco & Hemp

Eastern Switzerland is the home of the world’s first and only tobacco-and-hemp cigarette.

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