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Hemp Tea Cannabis Indica (Good Night)

CHF 19.90

15 teabags with 20 grams of CBD hemp. The only hemp tea with fully activated CBD. Calming: for use in the evening.



15 teabags with 20 grams of CBD hemp. The only hemp flower tea with fully activated CBD. Each teabag contains around 1.4 grams of natural Swiss CBD hemp from premium indoor cultivation – and nothing else. The hemp tea has a high CBD content due to its high proportion of flowers.

What makes this tea unusual is the special procedure used to treat the CBD hemp: in order to extract effective cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant, the CBD must be activated within an optimal temperature range. This process is known as decarboxylation. Brewing in hot water is not enough for this, which is why we’ve activated Heimat Hemp Tea in advance. This allows the hemp to develop its full CBD energy as soon as the hot water makes contact – for the full benefit, and a noticeable effect.

The two hemp varieties Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa differ in terms of both growth and effect: Cannabis sativa is stimulating and uplifting, and hence recommended for use during the day, while Cannabis indica is calming and relaxing, and generally used in the evening.

Orders will only be shipped within Switzerland.

CBD hemp
20 grams (CBD: 14 mg/g)
Aromatic hemp taste
Additives and flavourings
Natural hemp without additives
Switzerland (Indoor)
I like Heimat!