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Heimat cigarette lighter, white

CHF 0.–

A practical companion when you’re out and about – with a soft spot for smokers.



«Got a light?» – If you can’t answer this question with a friendly «Yes», then you might as well give up now. But you can make a good impression by pulling a lovely little lighter out of your pocket. A soft spot for smokers*.

This marvellous little creation measures 8 cm and is wonderfully simple. It has an ergonomic shape and will fit snugly in even the tightest of skinny hipster jeans. The modern aluminium hood doesn’t just protect the sparkwheel, it also reflects the sunlight with a dazzling sparkle that will even have heads turning away from the most glittering sequin dress on the red carpet. What really makes this lighter stand out is the red fork with the engraved BiC logo that, much like Rudolph’s famous nose, ensures the lighter won’t get lost even in the heaviest of snowstorms. The translucent white body allows the user to see how much gas is left in the lighter, enabling them to better plan short trips to local attractions or longer journey to far-off lands.

Instructions for right-handed users:
Hold the gas-filled plastic body in your hand and place the tip of your thumb on the sparkwheel at a 70-degree angle. Important: the Heimat logo must be visible. Then quickly move your thumb along the flint towards the red fork. Press and hold the fork. Et voilà: it burns!

Instructions for left-handed users:
Put the lighter in your right hand and proceed as described above.

Pro tip:
Write your name on the translucent body of the lighter using a permanent marker to prevent “accidental” theft.

≈ 3,000 uses**

Important note: the Heimat cigarette lighter is only recommended for use with Heimat products. Use with other brands may result in explosion.

* Also suitable for non-smokers, for example as a measure to prevent the use of smartphone lights at acoustic concerts.
** Equivalent to around two to three months’ use. However, please note that loss within the first one to two weeks is likely. We therefore recommend placing a bulk order.

Orders will only be shipped within Switzerland.

I like Heimat!