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Heimat Cannabis Sticks Ernst

CHF 19.90

The new way to consume hemp. 12 sticks of pure indoor hemp flowers for use with Omura vaporizers.



"Heat not burn" is the new way of smoking. The hemp flowers are heated, creating an intense flavor experience without combustion and therefore without smoke. This is the cleanest and most effective way to enjoy the full effects of CBD. The advantages are: no combustion, no smoke and therefore suitable for indoor use and, according to current knowledge, without concerns for health.

The cannabis sticks contain pure hemp flowers. Heimat "Ernst" hemp flowers are pure Swiss natural products, grown under optimal conditions in indoor facilities. Heimat carefully selects the plants, grows them with dedication and know-how and refines the flowers by gentle drying.

The hemp flowers have a high CBD content of around 18%. The THC content is well below 1%. The cannabis sticks "Ernst" unfold sweet, tangy aromas with citrus notes.

Heimat stands for natural hemp enjoyment of uncompromising quality. For the Omura device, Heimat has developed a range of high-quality cannabis sticks that convince both in terms of taste and high CBD content. The cannabis sticks contain natural hemp flowers and herbs without chemical additives. The sticks are a clean, convenient and hygienic way of consuming hemp without the health consequences of the combustion of classic smoking. The cannabis sticks are biodegradable and can be composted.

For use with OMURA heat-not-burn devices. These are not pre-rolls and cannot be smoked.

Orders will only be shipped within Switzerland.

CBD hemp
18% (300 mg), 12 sticks
THC content
sweet, tangy aromas with citrus notes
Additives and flavourings
Grown in Switzerland (Indoor)
no nicotine
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