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About us

Koch & Gsell is leading the way in the international hemp movement. We produce CBD products of the very highest quality in Switzerland and are fully committed to making them available to people across the globe.

The Swiss hemp pioneers

Koch & Gsell is a Swiss start-up founded in 2015 that scored a coup in 2017, when it launched the world’s first tobacco-and-hemp cigarette, which caused a stir across the world. In summer 2019, Koch & Gsell launched Europe’s first industrially manufactured pre-roll cigarette containing pure hemp. Hemp contains resin, which means it cannot be processed in the same way as tobacco, making the new products a technical innovation. Koch & Gsell has patented the method they use to manufacture their hemp products.

Roger Koch
Heimat Hemp
Heimat Hemp

Our mission: high-quality CBD for the world

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 substances that are found in hemp. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is part of the central nervous system. It includes the cannabinoid receptors and plays an important role in maintaining an inner balance. It influences mood, the immune system, sleep cycles, the metabolism and the cardiovascular system. A number of medical studies have been carried out into the specific beneficial health effects of CBD. Koch & Gsell has set itself the goal of supplying high-quality, easy-to-use CBD products to the world.

Heimat Hemp
Heimat Hemp
Heimat Hemp

The story so far


Roger Koch founded Koch & Gsell and established production facilities in Steinach, Switzerland. Working with his production team, he developed a method for manufacturing hemp cigarettes.


The company launched the world’s first industrially manufactured cigarette containing a blend of tobacco and CBD hemp in Switzerland under the Heimat brand. The product caused a stir across the globe. Heimat cigarettes proved so popular that supply struggled to keep up with the very high demand during the months following the launch.


Koch & Gsell held talks with potential export clients in a number of different countries. Due to the complex legal situation for the sale of hemp products, the company set up a team dedicated to working on the international distribution of hemp products. The first products were exported to Bermuda.


Koch & Gsell launched Heimat Pure Hemp, Europe’s first pre-roll cigarette to contain 100% pure CBD hemp. The product contains no tobacco and zero nicotine. It is therefore an ideal alternative for anyone who wants to quit tobacco but not smoking. Koch & Gsell managed to negotiate licences to sell Heimat hemp products in several EU countries, creating a precedent for the legal sale of CBD products. Koch & Gsell was named InterTabac Star at the InterTabac trade fair for its product innovations. The Swiss company took the title ahead of competition from 520 exhibitors from 42 different countries.

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